Surely you are familiar with a site such as SAVASHO

Surely you are familiar with a site such as SAVASHO, and at least once tried to find there something useful and interesting. We decided to see what among the many interesting offers has our favorite pet shop  for our adorable pets. We found so many interesting and useful things that we simply could not share with you! We know how you love your furry friends, and the best expression of love will, of course, be a nice gift that will bring joy not only to them, but to you. Go shopping!

  1. Backpack harness for dogs

When you are going to outdoor with your dog and you are planning to stay there for a long time or just going to one or more days travel it will be reasonable to take a backpack for your lovely dog too.

This backpack harness is very useful for carrying dogs personal items such as food, toys and etc. Also, it has reflective tapes on it to make more comfortable night walks.

  1. Daily Care Kit for Cat and Dogs

If you are a pet owner, you know how important is the daily care for the pet. This kit will allow you to deal with this responsibility very easily and your pet will like this. What you need is just to buy this amazing kit and perform your daily care for the pet and that’s it. You and your pet will be happier than before.

  1. Bathing bag for cats

Sometimes washing your cats can be very difficult especially if your cat doesn’t love water and trying to escape the bath by damaging everything that holds him in it.

With this amazing adjustable bath bag for cats, you will deal with these problems very easily and you can wash your cat without scratched hands.

  1. High-Viz Reflective Vest for Dogs

Each of us knows how pet safety is important especially when you and your pet are going to an evening walk. Unfortunately, many of the dogs are dying with car accidents which generally occurs at night in dark places. By buying this reflective clothes you can increase the visibility of your dog at night.

  1. Self-adhesive straching pad for cats

One of the biggest problems which have cat owners is scratched sofas and furniture. With these amazing pads for scratching your cat will stop to harm your house and items.

You can use this scratching pads in everywhere and very easily also they come as 2 pieces in one order.

I would recommend SAVASHO for every pet owner. They are delivering to US and EU for free.

Do not forget to spin their wheel by providing e-mail to win discounts and they are providing give away by time and time on their social media accounts.

SAVASHO, delivering pet happiness!

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