Benefits of Raw Food For Dogs

A trial, conducted by the major veterinary laboratory on the planet, compared a huge selection of raw food for dogs with dry dog food. This trial found that dogs given fresh beef are significantly healthier than dry fed dogs, immunologically speaking. The next, is just some of the huge benefits gained from changing a dogs diet to a raw meats diet.

The first physical change will maintain the coat. Approximately 40% of the health proteins your dog eats goes into their epidermis and coat! Thus whenever a dog is given a low beef necessary protein, cereal based diet (most dry foods) they will not have the proteins spare to grow a wholesome coat. Generally raw dog food is saturated in fresh beef (proteins) and fresh unwanted fat, which work together to fuel a lavish coat, like the one you can view on Hector above (not a doctored image!).
Muscle Tone
Dogs are carnivore’s, so this means all they have to eat is proteins (and fat). When fed this diet, they’ll shed the carbohydrate-fuelled fats to reveal their beautiful, luxurious, organization body. Raw food for dogs is almost always void of cereal filler (sugars) which is central to obtaining a dogs weight and muscle firmness right. Can you envisage a guy visiting the gym to volume up on a diet plan of 50% bakery? Protein is the building blocks of muscle, organs, epidermis, wild hair and joints. There is absolutely no alternative.Visit:

a dark-colored and white image of your dog with his oral cavity openDental Hygiene
Eliminating dry kibble and offering a dog some meat on the bone enhances dental hygiene and reduces bad breath (9/10 dry fed dogs are affected gum disease by 24 months and 9/10 are dry fed). Kibble bounces off one’s teeth, so there is specially produced “oral types”. Unfortunately, the fact that dogs haven’t any amylase in their saliva (it reduces carbohydrate sugar in the mouth area), means that the sugar in these dry foods fuel bacteria expansion resulting in poor oral health and hygiene (plaque, tartar, calculus, gingivitis, periodontal disease). Quite simply, dogs need fresh meaty bones to completely clean their tooth, not cooked, raw. Here’s how to give food to bones to dogs safely.
The improvement in behaviour from raw dog food is mainly due to the removal of dry food from the dietary plan. That is why the very best behaviourists recommend it.

Dry pet food is considered to fuel poor behavior in 3 ways:
It is high in easily digested glucose, which fuel high glucose levels and insulin levels, long linked to poor behaviour.
It is packed with chemicals (just have a look at the trunk of the packet).
It has a minimal vitamin supplements B content (your brain soothing vitamin supplements), and the B vitamin supplements are incredibly sensitive to long storage space times.
cartoon dog sitting down on toiletRaw Food For Pet dogs Produces Less Waste products, Thus BETTER TO Coach And Better Kidneys
The quantity of salt in dry food commences at 1.2%, the same percentage of salt that is at salted peanuts (and 4 times a dog’s RDA of sodium per meals!). If there is no sodium in the dry foods, the canines would not touch the stuff. Because of the high amounts of salt in their diets, dry given dogs drink large sums of water, creating higher levels of urine. Toilet issues apart this fuels kidney disease in puppies. Then there’s faeces! The stool is the window of digestion. As fresh food is much easier to absorb than cooked food, it causes increased digestion, signifying less faeces. Stools from raw dog food also smell nothing like the stools from dry dog food, another little profit. With that said, meat and bone is the perfect diet for a dog which is before we discuss the scandalous amount of kidney disease, pancreatitis and malignancy occurring in pups today. The dry food diets are simply no longer working out for them. Usually ,another question is, is nourishing raw dog food expensive? To answer this, it’s important to determine how much your dog needs every day.

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