Peppergrass | WARN


8 weeks

Peppergrass is a sensitive soul looking for one very lucky gentle and kind forever family. 

By far the quietest of her three littermate siblings. With the biggest eyes, this little kitty looks up at you for the longest while, trying to figure out if you are friend or foe. Once she has decided that she likes you you'll have her trust and will never loose it.

A real beauty with a soft unimposing nature. Peppergrass is observant and intelligent. Being rather athletic, Peppergrass loves to run, jump, roll and climb. When she 'catches' her mouse toys she reveals in the success of the catch with the funniest noises.

Living in a house full of dogs (5 dogs, one of which is a 10 week old staffy mix puppy) it's safe to say that Peppergrass is more than comfortable around her canine counterparts. However she will retreat to a safe nook if the action gets a bit too rowdy. 

Peppergrass loves to spend time of her favourite human's lap. She is sweetly affectionate and gentle.

- Peppergrass is not suited to be an only cat. She currently resides in foster care with 7 other animals and a stay at home foster mum. Ideally Peppergrass would love another young friendly cat sibling or to find a forever home with one of her sisters. If anyone is looking for a pair Peppergrass will be one of two that her foster carers insist she is part of. 
- Until at least 6 months of age Peppergrass will need to be an inside cat only. Potential adopters will need to be aware that this is not negotiable. 
- Peppergrass is use to wearing a kitten harness and leash so she has potential to be trained further. 
- Suited to live with gentle respectful older children. While Peppergrass has never hissed at or scratched her foster parents, she is a little on the timid side with very young children. Loud noises and quick movement can startle her. So please be advised that forever homes with children over 8 years would be preferable. 

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Medical Notes

Included in the WARN adoption fee:

  • Vet check
  • microchip
  • vaccination
  • desexing
  • lifetime registration for pets over 6 months of age.

Extras included in the WARN adoption fee where applicable

  • All dogs over 4 months are heart worm tested and receive a yearly pro-heart injection.
  • All pets receive a full blood count.
  • All pets receive necessary protection from fleas, ticks and intestinal worms and leave for their forever home up to date with all treatments.

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