Mochi | WARN


12 weeks

Mochi is a flirt! Nicknamed Smoochy Mochi for good reason, he just loves attention and is in his element when getting belly rubs! He is super confident, and will run to you when you walk in the room, wagging his tail like a dog as he goes. 

Mochi is a stunning ginger boy with the most beautiful tiger markings. His coat is super soft and short, making him a very low maintenance little kitty. 

The moment you pat him, he turns into a purring machine. He looks up at you with his gorgeous big eyes and it's impossible not to melt. As soon as you pick him up his body goes completely floppy, as he just wants to soak up all the love you are willing to give him. It really is adorable to see. 

Mochi is so affectionate and takes it upon himself to groom his humans when they need it. But don't worry, if you forget to pay attention, he will use his paw to remind you he is there and that you are required to shower him with more love. 

When Mochi decides you're his human, he will climb up to your face and ever so gently, touch your face with with his little soft paws. You know you're loved and you know you have a loyal friend when Mochi is around. 

For anyone looking for a best friend, Mochi is the perfect match. For all the affection and time you are willing to put into Mochi, he will more than return the favor. 

Medical Notes

Included in the WARN adoption fee:

  • Vet check
  • microchip
  • vaccination
  • desexing
  • lifetime registration for pets over 6 months of age.

Extras included in the WARN adoption fee where applicable

  • All dogs over 4 months are heart worm tested and receive a yearly pro-heart injection.
  • All pets receive a full blood count.
  • All pets receive necessary protection from fleas, ticks and intestinal worms and leave for their forever home up to date with all treatments.

The Adoption Process

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