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Fizz Pop

16 weeks

My Story

Fizzy. Fuzzy. Fizz Whizz. Its hard not to get excited and call him all sorts of sweet names but we tend to call him is the Fizz, Fizz Pop. 

Sweet, small, no wait, super small! Fizz Pop is CUTE with a capital C. He is quiet, soft, loving and is the epitome of a take anywhere lap dog. 

Where-ever you go there you are. No really, turn around and he’s right there, right by your ankle. He is a puppy but he certainly isn’t an ankle biter. He is super calm and happy go lucky. He settles well on his own at night (none of that puppy crying phase) and is pretty much content sitting right on your lap.

He is very teeny tiny weighing in at a mere 2.1kgs.

He is believed to be 16 weeks of age so might have a little more growing to do but doubt it will be much. He loves kids but nothing rough and tumble. He is quiet and we’ve only heard the sweetest bark out of him - one time!

In a forever home he is looking for a super secure yard (absolute must) or no yard at all. He is tiny and can fit through the smallest of gaps. He shy’s away from other dogs that aren’t 10cm tall. In other words if you have another dog, he won’t interact with them unless they look like him.  He’s a little bit bias to say the least. He tends to be very shy and uncomfortable around dogs bigger than him.

With all that FIZZ of course there is a grooming requirement but thats all part of the fun! I’m sure he’d love a cute outfit and a day at the spa. 

Loving on this adorable boy is easy and a complete pleasure. He’ll no doubt be popular so we are inviting applications up until Friday the 13th - eek!

Applications will only be reviewed after this date so please be patient while we find "the FIZZ pop’s" guardian angel!

Watch this adorable boy here:

Medical Notes

Included in the WARN adoption fee:

  • Vet check
  • microchip
  • vaccination
  • desexing
  • lifetime registration for pets over 6 months of age.

Extras included in the WARN adoption fee where applicable

  • All dogs over 4 months are heart worm tested and receive a yearly pro-heart injection.
  • All pets receive a full blood count.
  • All pets receive necessary protection from fleas, ticks and intestinal worms and leave for their forever home up to date with all treatments.

The Adoption Process

We'd love to hear from you.

If you'd like to apply and welcome this gorgeous pet into your life, click here:

***NOTE*** applications are open and invited until Friday October 13th. All applications are reviewed after this date with an expected response after Monday October 16th.

Just so you know, all of our animals are fostered in private homes and only available for viewing by appointment to suitably matched homes.

Our foster carers who knows the animal best will contact you to make arrangements.

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